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A.lex advises and guides you in starting up, structuring and restructuring businesses, with attention to:


  • aspects of company law including capitalization, winding up and liquidation, dividend payments, (silent) mergers and (partial) demergers
  • aspects of tax law at national, international and European level
  • aspects of civil law such as share/asset deals, transfer of businesses and intra-group contracts 

A.lex represents your interests towards the tax authorities in tax disputes, during both the administrative and court phases, with regard to:


  • income tax, corporate tax and tax on legal entities
  • VAT
  • registration duties and inheritance tax
  • regional, provincial and local taxes

Tax news

Tax  •  10/11/2020  •  Justine Bouckaert

Tax  •  23/06/2020  •  Justine Bouckaert



Tax  •  25/05/2020  •  Justine Bouckaert

Tax  •  13/05/2020  •  Justine Bouckaert

Tax  •  08/05/2020  •  Justine Bouckaert

Tax  •  28/02/2017  •  Kevin Desmet

Tax  •  26/10/2016  •  Julie Van Acker

Tax  •  10/08/2016  •  Kevin Desmet

On July 21st the new Belgian law establishing a permanent system on voluntary disclosure in tax-related and social security affairs has finally been adopted by the Belgian National Assembly. The new law has entered into force on August 1st. The new voluntary disclosure procedure was meant to...

Tax  •  11/04/2016  •  

Starting on June 1st, 2016 legal entities serving as directors are due to charge VAT on their management fees. However, if the legal entity director and the company in which it acts as such form a VAT group, the management fees will not be subject to VAT. VAT grouping requires companies to have...

Tax  •  30/03/2016  •  Kevin Desmet

More than two years after the old legislation on voluntary disclosure in tax-related and social security affairs has been abolished, the current Belgian federal government has drafted a new law. The new law had been delayed due to a conflict of competence between the federal and regional...